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Knack Traders Limited is a registered limited company in England and Wales under company number 11359808. At Knack Traders, we want to make sure our customers are happy. When they have a smile on their face, we know we’ve done a good job and that’s at the heart of everything we do.

Registered Address: Knack Traders Limited, 38 Breamore Road, Ilford, IG3 9NB, United Kingdom
Knack Traders Ltd also have detailed instructions on FAQ, Returns, Shipping, and Warranty. If you have any other questions, please contact us and we will reply to the email as soon as possible.

Why H&A Wholesale Enterprise?

H&A key advantage is the breath of product categories that we can source and supply. Our customers enjoy unparalleled access to an ever-changing range of FMCG products at market leading prices.

With an ever-changing stockholding we have new products and big brands available daily, gives you the benefit to offer value for money across a wide range of product categories and keep your business competitive.

Each order we take is given equal status no matter how much it is worth, but one thing for sure that remains constant throughout, is the quality.

How H&A Wholesale Enterprise Born?

We entered this very tough market to help the likes of independent retailers who had no choice but to buy from other wholesalers who have many conditions such as big order quantities and very high prices. After much research and sharing of views from many independent retailers/market traders of how their business was not doing as well as it should be due to these firms using them as a market research tool to see the demand of their products in the area and then opening next to them. This is what led to the birth of “H&A Wholesale Enterprise”

What Makes H&A Different:

Certain practices in H&A Wholesale enterprise makes our business stand out: Firstly, a well-managed inventory by having an efficient inventory system with the help of software helps H&A to make sure the demand of the products never exceeds the available stock and suitable equilibrium always be maintained between supply and demand.

Secondly, our around-the-clock customer services and prompt response helps us in making sure that we provide valuable and timely customer experiences for all our consumers.

Finally, our product diversification is key to attracting numerous customers. This helps our customers to get everything they want under one umbrella, whether it’s related to pet supplies or beauty products. Therefore, our key distinctive factor is the diversified nature of our products along with other customer services that enhances their experiences as well as add value to their time.

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